October 7



Update from David Graves at Parks
No volleyball, smaller OLA

We have made some tweaks to the final design and have our last presentation to the Design Commission this morning. I’ve attached a graphic that shows the final version of Phase 1 and I’ll have the full Design Commission up on our website in the next day or so. We’ve made the playfield as large as possible and that forced us to increase the size of our stormwater facility which is now located at the south end of the site and separates the OLA from the road. The OLA is reduced in size and we will not have any sand volley ball until Phase 2. The stormwater facility will be heavily planted and read more as a shoreline garden. We are still on track to put Phase 1 out to bid and start construction in 2019 and are actively working on funding to start phase 2. That’s a quick update; I’m happy to chat if you have additional questions.


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