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The Friends of Smith Cove Park (FoSCP) established a committee of community members/park users in 2014. The committee’s purpose was to work with design firm, the Berger Partnership; in engaging the community while creating a conceptual plan for the park which encouraged community building and multiple uses of the park. Throughout, the FoSCP and volunteers undertook an exhaustive outreach program to continually update, engage and listen to the needs of everyone who cares about Smith Cove Park.

Now, in 2016, the FoSCP are actively supporting Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Parks’ landscape architectural firm, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN), in the development of this great waterfront park! Subscribe to www.SeattleSmithCovePark.org for updates or contact FoSCP through the website about meetings, etc. New members are always welcome!


MARCH 2019

Hello Smith Cove Park Supporters!!
An update is way overdue--our apologies! Getting info from City agencies can be challenging, ha. And we welcome your questions and comments.

Seattle Parks and GGN presented to the Seattle Design Commission, in October 2018. Follow this link for the complete graphic presentation and the commission minutes.

GRAPHICS POSTED BELOW: The Current Vision Plan, the Phase I plan (west side) for the allocated $3.9 mil and the Circulation Plan (walking paths).

1) Beach access via stairs on the east side is included in Phase I; usable at low tide?
2) Unfortunately the restroom, the #1 request by families supporting this project, is not in Phase I.
3) Circular walking paths are the #1 request by Seattle folks for all parks projects and Smith Cove Park may have plenty.
4) Unclear as to whether youth baseball is included or not; or whether the baseball folks have been fundraising?

1) The commission takes issue with Parks for randomly allocating budget money to projects without first determining costs, and Parks is a repeat offender!
2) SDOT is chastised for not assisting Parks with solutions for calming traffic on 23rd W which bisects the park. (City agencies and mutual support! Should take a page from the Port which does this. . .)
3) ". . .The commissioners were disappointed that programs critical to providing the overall vision of the park were not being implemented until Phase II of the project."
4) The volleyball folks in Seattle have been actively supporting this project and fundraising to pay for additional sand courts. . . sadly, they must wait for Phase II construction.
5) The incredibly organized Citizens for Off-Leash areas (COLA) must be happy at the inclusion of the OLA in Phase I, although sad to be reduced in size again.
6) "The SDC reiterated the need to prioritize shoreline and public access to the water during phase II of the
design. The Commission strongly encouraged this to be explicitly called out in phase II plans."



Update from David Graves at Parks
No volleyball, smaller OLA

We have made some tweaks to the final design and have our last presentation to the Design Commission this morning. I’ve attached a graphic that shows the final version of Phase 1 and I’ll have the full Design Commission up on our website in the next day or so. We’ve made the playfield as large as possible and that forced us to increase the size of our stormwater facility which is now located at the south end of the site and separates the OLA from the road. The OLA is reduced in size and we will not have any sand volley ball until Phase 2. The stormwater facility will be heavily planted and read more as a shoreline garden. We are still on track to put Phase 1 out to bid and start construction in 2019 and are actively working on funding to start phase 2. That’s a quick update; I’m happy to chat if you have additional questions.



Development of Smith Cove Park is possible thanks to the support from people like you -- and we need your help to continue the progress in 2018. Please donate today to ensure that the Friends of Smith Cove Park (FoSCP) have the resources needed to advocate for you and your chosen park elements.

Since the Smith Cove Park conceptual design was given to Parks, FoSCP has worked to remind Parks and GGN about the community-driven park elements. An application for funds for a permanent plumbed restroom facility was completed this week. Addressing the drainage issues for and updating the athletic fields are being funded from several different sources.

We are only able to accomplish this thanks to generous support of people like you. Please make a tax-deductible donation to Smith Cove Park today!


Carla of FoSCP has a January birthday and asked friends/family to donate to Smith Cove Park. One of Carla’s family members has offered a 50% match for every dollar donated in January 2018!

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(Seattle Peace Theater, a 501(c)(3)organization, is fiscal sponsor for Smith Cove Park)

Smith Cove Park Update December 2017

SMITH COVE PARK UPDATE December 2017 Seattle Parks and GGN (Gustafson Guthrie Nichol) hosted a project update meeting at Blaine School in Magnolia on December 5. David Graves, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) Senior Planner and project manager hosted the meeting. He presented the current strategy and answered questions along with Tess Schiavone of GGN.

(Check out this link for GGN presentation graphics from the December 5, 2017 project update meeting: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/about-us/current-projects/smith-cove-park-development )

As in the SCP September Update, David again pitched a phased scenario for moving forward with construction of the west parcel. In Phase 1, use the available budget (plus an additional, time sensitive, $500,000 from King County only for the athletic fields) to address the drainage and field improvements, a walking path, off-leash area (1/2 acre in Phase 1; one acre in Phase 2), temporarily site two beach volleyball courts (3 courts in Phase 2 on east parcel), colorful crosswalks and traffic calming paint on the bisecting road, clean up and cut back vegetation and create a staircase to the beach in the original Port’s SCP (S end of east parcel). Building permanent restrooms near the CSO facility on the east parcel can be funded separately (most demanded by FoSCP, public and recommended by Design Commission).

The east parcel is securely fenced will remain so until additional funds are secured. This is a management issue solution for SPR. Per David, SPR would seek funding for the east parcel from various sources including the general fund, Metro Parks budget and other available grants.

Previously, the Port had been exploring options to renovate the east shoreline of SCP and increase fish-friendly underwater vegetation in the bay between SCP, the marina and the cruise terminal. Further examination of this potential work is on hold for now. The Port must do some internal “percolating” about this potential project and joint relationship with SPR. The FoSCP and all SCP supporters have faith in the Port’s commitment to Seattle’s public and park users who deserve a beautiful waterfront at SCP.

Overall, the meeting was friendly with many questions from the audience.

 Funding and how to ensure the completion of the east parcel was most discussed.

 Confirmation by David that this Phase 1 focus on the west parcel is the plan!

 Observation that improved soccer fields will bring families from all Seattle neighborhoods to SCP. Likely to increase the pool of SCP supporters substantially!

 The off-leash area supporters, beach volleyball supporters and athletic field supporters were recognized by David for their overall support for the whole park besides their specific elements.

SCP Advocates!! Speak up for completion of SCP! Email the Seattle Park District Board members (aka City Council members)!!

seattleparkdistrict@seattle.gov President:

Debora.Juarez@seattle.gov 206-684-8805

The Friends of Smith Cove Park THANK YOU for supporting this future waterfront park!!

Please send your comments to David Graves at David.Graves@Seattle.gov

September 2017 Update Click Here!

September 2016 Update below

Click this link for the Memo to David Graves, Strategic Advisor, Planning & Development Divison

Final Conceptual Plan

Sports Activity at Smith Cove Park this fall.

2016 Smith Cove Athletic Fields and Alaskan Cruise Ship Backdrop

We have had some nice (summer) days playing at Smith Cove this season, with fantastic views and clear reminders of our working waterfront. But now that we’re into fall, there’s also been some pretty muddy and stinky days (players still smiling!) We play at Smith Cove (west parcel) almost every weekend starting August through Thanksgiving, while interest and walking/bicycle traffic to the eastern parcel and park (KC CSO location) drops off to nearly zero as the weather turns. Bringing more Seattle neighborhood families during the soccer season will introduce Smith Cove to many more users.

A shout out to our Parks Department field crews for making the best for our players out of these conditions!

Thank you all for your continued interest and support with youth athletics!

Coach Roy, Magnolia Soccer Club (coach and board member) and Friends of Smith Cove committee member

Future Smith Cove Park became a reality in 2013 after decades of work by Magnolia, Queen Anne and Interbay residents. This was a cooperative effort by community members, King County Council, Seattle City Council and the Port of Seattle.

The park now includes the former Pier 91 West Yard (lower east parcel), the youth soccer/athletic playfields (lower west parcel) and the Ursula Judkins Viewpoint (upper parcel by the Magnolia Bridge). Tremendous views of Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, Seattle’s skyline, Elliott Bay Marina, cruise/fishing ships and more are within easy access via bicycle, on foot or by car.

The future Smith Cove Park is slated to become a signature park of Seattle and a true regional destination, thanks to Seattle voters (2014). Proposition One was approved, creating a Seattle Parks District in which the Smith Cove Park (lower parcels) is a dedicated-fund line item, so long-term funding, beginning in 2017 is now assured.

King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division is developing a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) facility on the lower east parcel of Smith Cove Park. WTD is . . . “committed to developing our CSO facility in a manner that maximizes compatibility and integration with the future City park. . . we want a final product that will fit into the overall park design and surroundings. “

Community-based planning at an early opportunity through the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds will provide a basis for discussions (earlier than 2017) regarding the new Smith Cove Park planning process. Funds will be used to hire a landscape architect, hold public meetings, and develop a conceptual plan for the park. This plan will be based on a desire of the community to see more people engaged in activities at this waterfront park while maintaining the park’s unique connection to the waterfront and strengthening its neighborhood connections. Area residents and stakeholders will be actively engaged so that the plan reflects the desires of the community for this waterfront park.

Aerial Video of Seattle Smith Cove Park

Smith Cove Park filmed and piloted by Steve Lodefink a Magnolia Resident.