September 15, 2016


September 2016

On August 23, 2016, the Friends of Smith Cove Park (FoSCP) were invited by David Graves, Sr. Parks Planner, to a meeting at the offices of Gustafson, Guthrie & Nichol (GGN). David Graves is in charge of the Smith Cove Project and GGN has been hired by Parks to build the project.

The GGN Team presentation included:

 Site is a grand gateway, immersion in nature, active connections

 Historical aspects of site by time periods may cover the Native Americans, early settlers, and the labor union unrest

 Sports fields are the attraction/draw and serve multiple functions; people sit to watch games and views of land and water. The super-elite sports fields would be the heart of the whole park. The intention is to extend the playing season.

 Alternatives to grass vs artificial turf, possibilities of vertical drainage

 Infrastructure includes connections, parking, restrooms

 Program for various size groups (medium to large, small, individuals), different sports, range of ages

 How can people get to the park – existing roads do not provide direct access from adjoining neighborhoods

 A public meeting will be held in October (no date yet); to present GGN and the phasing of the project.

Discussion included:

 The $6 million designated for Smith Cove Park was never enough to build the whole park.

 Including all elements of the community-supported conceptual design (by Berger) would likely cost $10-$15 million.

 Phase 1 of the project has funding; future phases do not. Athletic field supporters and Parks are pursuing other funding opportunities (grants, etc.) for Phase 1. This can be repeated for future


 GGN will spec out various requested elements from the conceptual design in order to determine the cost of each.

 Removal of fence around the east parcel (Per David Graves, King County has not completed all aspects of the construction. . .) is still pending. Input by FoSCP members:

 Can less expensive elements of the conceptual design (off-leash area, beach volleyball) get included in Phase 1?

 Over 750,000 cruise passengers arrived at the Port’s Cruise Terminal 91 last year, as a result cruise ships and docks are an important connection

 Smith Cove Park a waterfront park. Pedestrian beach access is essential in order to balance park use.

 Bike trails as connector to other parts of city including proposed Magnolia Trail from 32 nd W

 The Port of Seattle is in process of redesigning North Bay – are there opportunities for creative access to Smith Cove? Possible coordination with the Port on shoreline softening? Federal

shoreline funding opportunites/grants available to the Port.

 King County has committed in writing to open up the CSO facility to park users by moving the existing CSO fence.