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Update from David Graves at Parks
No volleyball, smaller OLA

We have made some tweaks to the final design and have our last presentation to the Design Commission this morning. I’ve attached a graphic that shows the final version of Phase 1 and I’ll have the full Design Commission up on our website in the next day or so. We’ve made the playfield as large as possible and that forced us to increase the size of our stormwater facility which is now located at the south end of the site and separates the OLA from the road. The OLA is reduced in size and we will not have any sand volley ball until Phase 2. The stormwater facility will be heavily planted and read more as a shoreline garden. We are still on track to put Phase 1 out to bid and start construction in 2019 and are actively working on funding to start phase 2. That’s a quick update; I’m happy to chat if you have additional questions.

July 2016 Update from Smith Cove Park

July 2016 Update from Smith Cove Park

Smith Cove Park and the conceptual design generated with such overwhelming community support is going through the harsh reality of funding versus construction costs. Supporters of the athletic fields in the west parcel are consulting with Seattle Parks for various grants that may extend the money available for those fields. The restrooms may be constructed on the east parcel.

Realistically, the $6 million legislated as part of the 2014 voter-approved Seattle Metropolitan Park District is not enough money to cover all elements of the conceptual design plan. David Graves, Seattle Parks Sr. Planner, suggested the budget may be 60% (approximately $3.6 million) for “hard” construction costs with 40% for “soft” costs (design, permits and administration).

That said, Seattle Parks may be open to stages of construction for Smith Cove Park. The elements of the conceptual design may be costed out for the public meetings which allows all park supporters the opportunity to understand the costs. Future stages of construction are not funded. That said, there are a myriad of grants for waterfront, recreation, conservation and neighborhood matching funds.

David Graves suggested possible public meetings: tentatively as an on-site meeting in August and a fall public meeting. Nothing has been confirmed with Parks at this time. Additionally, the contract with Gustafson, Guthrie & Nichol (GGN), the landscape architects selected for the Smith Cove Park project is still in negotiations and has not been signed.

Stand by for more information about Smith Cove Park. Since the CSO (combined sewer overflow) construction is completed by King County on the east parcel, David Graves will inspect the site in hopes of removing the construction fence!! More opportunities to access the water; perfect for summer!

November 2015 UPDATE:

THE PROJECT IS MOVING FORWARD!! David Graves is a Senior Planner for Seattle Parks and  Recreation and the Senior Planner for the Smith Cove Park project. We, in the Steering Committee for the Friends of Smith Cove Park enjoyed working with David throughout the public process for the final conceptual design. David will write a design program for the Smith Cove Park final conceptual design. Both documents will be taken to the Seattle Parks and Recreation ProView Team before the end of 2015. The ProView Team is comprised of managers, technical staff (landscape architects), crew chiefs, and facility coordinators in Seattle Parks and Recreation.

This will set up the process for the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in January, 2016. The RFQ will be published to solicit landscape architects/contractors interested in the Smith Cove Park project.



Successful Public Meeting #2

Congratulations One and All for a Great Second Public Meeting,

In my view, nearly everything went perfectly.  Our consultants from the Berger Partnership did an outstanding job laying out alternatives derived from the first meeting and our steering committee members did  extraordinary  work in getting people to address issues beyond their first interest and taking more of a multi-generation view of the full range of concepts they would like to see in the Smith Cove Park.

I believe that all attendees went away feeling that they had been heard and that their views had been solicited regarding all aspects of the proposed park.

This is the way that the Department of Neighborhood’s process works in soliciting views in a respectful manner and  building community by encouraging people to consider and address issues beyond the scope of their purpose in attending.

I expect that our outreach efforts have produced attendance and participation which may exceed prior Small & Simple Grant outreach programs.

Thank you once again,

Bruce Carter
Chair, Friends of Smith Cove Park

Everyone is invited to Smith Cove Park on Saturday, June 13!

Everyone is invited to Smith Cove Park on Saturday, June 13! Come and explore, imagine the possibilities for this new park and share your comments/ideas as part of the conceptual design
process. This is a real opportunity to walk the 12 acres of this future park.

The Friends of Smith Cove Park (FoSCP) are continuing outreach efforts with this event at Smith Cove Park. At 9:00 AM, walkers will depart Magnolia Park to walk to Smith Cove Park via the
Magnolia Bridge. Members of the FoSCP will lead the walk. At 10:00 AM there will be a short presentation and tour of the site bythe Berger Partnership, the landscape architecture/urban design firm hired for the conceptual design process. Please note there is available parking at both Magnolia Park (1461 Magnolia Blvd W, 98199) and at Smith Cove Park (23rd Avenue West between West Marina Place and West Galer Street, 98199).

Public Meeting #1 for the Smith Cove Park conceptual design process was held on May 13. The meeting was jam-packed with interested future park users. The interest boards were filled to capacity with comments and ideas for the new park.

Public Meeting #2 is scheduled for Thursday, July 16, at 7 PM in the Queen Anne Community Center (1901 1st Ave. West, 98119). The Berger Partnership will review the input from the first
meeting, integrate new ideas for the park and solicit community feedback on the recommendations and vision concepts.

Public Meeting #3 is scheduled for Monday, September 21 at a location still to be determined. At this time, the Berger Partnership will present the preferred parks plans and outline an
implementation plan.

If you are unable to attend a meeting or the site tour, please go to the Smith Cove Park website at to complete the survey or to email your comments directly. Please make your tax-deductible donations at the Smith Cove Park website listed above; click on Get Involved, then click on Donate.

Community Announcement – Legionnaires and other Veterans, come stand with me on Memorial Day 5/25 on Magnolia

American Legion Post 123, Magnolia and other Veterans.

You are warmly invited to attend the Magnolia Memorial Day services on Monday, May 25th. If you are able to attend, I encourage you to stand alongside your fellow legionnaires and veterans. Also please show your spirt, by wearing your military uniform, Legion items veteran items or best patriotic look! The Memorial Day services are family/children friendly. I have attached a flyer and also my event time line in details as of now and will be updated as we go.

Please do share this email and or flyer with any of your fellow veterans and or Magnolia community!!

The services in brief;

On Monday, May 25, 2015 Memorial Day

In the village on West McGraw street in front of the post office.
Approx. 955am Bagpipes will be played.
10am The American Legion will start the service, approximate 20-30mins long. American Legion and other support groups will be on the street facing the ice cream shop. The WA St Patriot Guard Riders with their flag line will be on the street facing the post office.
Boy Scouts present the Colors
Pledge of Allegiance
Sing the National Anthem
Guest speaker – DAR
Main speaker – US Coast Guard
Servey invites all to Ft. Lawton Cemetery

At the Fort Lawton cemetery
Approx. 1055am Bagpipes will be played.
11am The American Legion will start the second memorial service at Ft Lawton’s cemetery. This service is approximately 30-45mins long. The WA St Patriot Guard Riders flag line will be behind the flag pole facing the community. The American Legion with support groups will be in the front facing the podium.
Boy Scouts present the Colors
Pledge of Allegiance
American Legion speaker
Guest speaker – DAR
Main speaker – US Coast Guard
Boy Scouts play taps

Upon the conclusion of the service the bagpipes will be played for a few minutes

Immediately following the service, my family invites you back to our house for a family/potluck style bbq. After our days work is done it is nice to relax and share food and drink with each other.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your support of our Post’s community activities and our Memorial Day services in Magnolia.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our memorial services this year. We enthusiastically welcome your participation with our services if you are able to do so!


Elizabeth A. Servey


Senior Vice Commander

American Legion Post 123 on Magnolia

First Public Meeting a Success!!

“Jam-packed” and “lively” best describe Smith Cove Park’s first public meeting last night. The meeting room at the Magnolia Lutheran Church rang with voices. Hundreds of residents, of all ages, shared their thoughts for Smith Cove’s conceptual design project.

Bruce Carter, chair of the Friends of Smith Cove Park, started the meeting with introductions thanking local politicians and citizen activists for spearheading this project. David Graves, Seattle Parks Senior Project Manager, spoke about the design and construction process and likely start date (2016). Jason Henry and Todd Bronk, The Berger Partnership, landscape architects, spoke about the conceptual design process. The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods awarded the Neighborhood Matching Funds $25K grant for this conceptual design project.

A brief slide show by Jason Henry introduced the history of Smith Cove Park plus an overview of the design process. The current King County CSO project is uncovering numerous artifacts at the site. MOHAI will be presenting a future program highlighting these artifacts including Smith Cove Glass Work and FinnTown.

Todd Bronk explained the process for public comments. Anyone may submit comments at public meetings such as last night’s, go to for the link to the online survey or use the comments section on the website.

At last night’s meeting, six general topics of interest were represented by display boards and tables with facilitators. Each table had a map, pens, shipping tags with string and push pins. Tables were crowded as people wrote their comments on the maps and tags. Lots of tags were pinned to the interest boards; the Active Recreation display board was completely covered in tags! A “coloring corner” for younger kids with blank maps and crayons resulted in even more ideas for the future park.

More meetings are scheduled for this project. The Friends of Smith Cove Park invite everyone to join in this process to create a destination and signature park for the City of Seattle.

SITE TOUR: Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Smith Cove Park (23rd Ave W., between W. Marina Place & W. Galer St., 98199)

Explore and imagine the possibilities!

Includes a group walk from Magnolia Park via the Magnolia Bridge to Smith Cove Park; watch this website for details.


Thursday, July 16 at 7:00 PM

QA Community Center (1901 1st Ave. West)

Review the public input from Meeting #1 and solicit additional public feedback.


Monday, September 21, 2015 (location TBA, watch the website)

Present the preferred park site plan as a result of the completed conceptual design process.

King County CSO Update

The South Magnolia CSO Control Project continues moving along. On 32nd Avenue West, the contractor is continuing work on the underground structure that will move excess wastewater from the existing system to the new pipeline and tank. The base slab, walls, and lid of this structure will be complete in early June. The contractor has placed the blocks for the retaining wall on the east side of 32nd Avenue West, one of the first steps in restoration. The pipeline bypassing sewer flows downhill will stay in place until work on the diversion structure is complete.

At the 23rd Avenue West playfield area, crews have re-established irrigation and are finishing up landscaping . King County will work with Seattle Parks staff to determine how long Parks would like fencing to remain to protect the new grass until it is established. People are continuing to enjoy use of the park outside the construction area: recent sunny weather brought out dogs, their owners, and a lot of balls to chase!

The underground storage tank now looks like a tank, and the support system is finally removed. The contractor did such a thorough job installing the shoring system in the heavy, wet soils that removal took longer than expected.

The MOHAI presentation on finds at Smith Cove (former West Yard) is on Thursday, May 21:

Several Magnolia residents regret having to miss this presentation. As a result, King County will plan to host a community meeting to present not only the information in the current Mohai exhibit on Prohibition, but also other findings in this location. As work is still underway, a final archeological report has not been completed; once it is, we’ll share the entire story at a meeting in Magnolia.