Welcome to the Seattle Smith Cove Park Project

The Friends of Smith Cove Park has completed our final design and conceptual phase and has now forwarded the plans to the Parks Department towards the construction phase.

We will provide information once we have received information from the Parks Department on the construction phase in the next 18 months.

September 7, 2016 UPDATE

The Friends of Smith Cove Park met today with Parks (David Graves) and the architect (Gustafson Guthrie Nichol aka GGN). We walked the park to really get a feel for how expansive this new park will be (10+ acres).

GGN provided some data/costs on comparable previous GGN projects. The $15 million figure reported in an earlier update is likely low. The unknowns about the soil (likely dumped on site after dredging Elliot Bay) may be expensive. Figures of $20 million to even $40 million were discussed.

An early October public meeting is to be scheduled. An update will be posted with a date, time and location soon.

From David Graves, Sr. Parks Planner: The slide presentation from a previous meeting with GGN on is now up on the Parks website for the Smith Cove Park Project. Here is the link: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/about-us/current-projects/smith-cove-park-development

Final Conceptual Plan

Smith Cove Park Plan PDF

Smith Cove Park Book - Start to Finish

Future Smith Cove Park became a reality in 2013 after decades of work by Magnolia, Queen Anne and Interbay residents. This was a cooperative effort by community members, King County Council, Seattle City Council and the Port of Seattle.

The park now includes the former Pier 91 West Yard (lower east parcel), the youth soccer/athletic playfields (lower west parcel) and the Ursula Judkins Viewpoint (upper parcel by the Magnolia Bridge). Tremendous views of Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, Seattle’s skyline, Elliott Bay Marina, cruise/fishing ships and more are within easy access via bicycle, on foot or by car.

The future Smith Cove Park is slated to become a signature park of Seattle and a true regional destination, thanks to Seattle voters (2014). Proposition One was approved, creating a Seattle Parks District in which the Smith Cove Park (lower parcels) is a dedicated-fund line item, so long-term funding, beginning in 2017 is now assured.

King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division is developing a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) facility on the lower east parcel of Smith Cove Park. WTD is . . . “committed to developing our CSO facility in a manner that maximizes compatibility and integration with the future City park. . . we want a final product that will fit into the overall park design and surroundings. “

Community-based planning at an early opportunity through the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds will provide a basis for discussions (earlier than 2017) regarding the new Smith Cove Park planning process. Funds will be used to hire a landscape architect, hold public meetings, and develop a conceptual plan for the park. This plan will be based on a desire of the community to see more people engaged in activities at this waterfront park while maintaining the park’s unique connection to the waterfront and strengthening its neighborhood connections. Area residents and stakeholders will be actively engaged so that the plan reflects the desires of the community for this waterfront park.

Aerial Video of Seattle Smith Cove Park

Smith Cove Park filmed and piloted by Steve Lodefink a Magnolia Resident.

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